Monday, October 1, 2012

Good Things

First, the best way for me to start is by giving you the blog of the dear friend who went to Oktoberfest with me... Laura Grace is a much better writer and document-er than myself so please visit: "Oktoberfest festivities" to see great pictures and a play by play of my weekend in Munich! That is suuuchhh a cop-out, I know. I just see Jessie shaking her head as I write this!
Round Two!
So instead of Oktoberfest happenings, I can share a bit about other things going on here in Londontown. The past week was by far my most busy/stressful/weird/hectic/insert negative word here. However, it had one big highlight. I was able to get away from the library and my laptop to have a drink with some close friends from my time here two years ago. It was so wonderful to see them and I really felt like no time had passed! As we sat in a dungeon-like bar with some over zealous live music playing in the background, I had so many flashbacks of my time in London two years ago. As I write this, it seems like such a trivial thing.. drinks and catch up time with friends but in fact it was just a further confirmation of my being in London again and the person I have come to be today. In two years, I feel as though I've grown more than I have in my whole life! Seeing these friends allowed me to see myself, who I was two years ago in my "Old London" and see myself now as I am more confident and self-assured in my "New London". Lucky me, now I've got old friends in new London!
Cheers to Oktoberfest!

So... back to Oktoberfest.
So... back to Munich.
So... back into Wake World.
It was a weekend to remember, that's for sure. No horses were involved and much more pretzels were eaten this time around. LG and I had an amazing dinner the first night as well as great catch-up time. Saturday was an early morning and a lot of beer, pretzels, and screaming and clapping but I'd say the highlight of the weekend was just being around friends again. I didn't realize how much I miss my friends from college and this weekend just made me that much more excited for New Year's with them! 

I've got another busy week ahead but I am so glad to be back in London. Stepping off the plane was accompanied with a big sigh of relief, such a sense of coming home. No more confusing German, no more pretzels, and no more beer. For now, at least!

Cheers y'all, Lis

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  1. SO jealous of y'all's Oktoberfesting! I've been reminiscing over abroad, lately, too ... reminisce is the wrong word, though, because it's literally like a different lifetime. Oh what I wouldn't give to go back ... you lucky duck!