Sunday, December 2, 2012

Two Weeks!

In two weeks, I'll be waking up in my own big, comfy bed!

What else am I soooo excited to have back in Winston? I like to call them the 3 F's...

Well... FOOD.
La Caretta, 6th & Vine, Twin City Diner, Little Richards, Finnegan's, Chick-fil-a, Bojangles, Zaxby's and of course Momma's chili and everything else she makes!

Not to mention.... FRIENDSSS.
Hugging Del Fuer and his awesome owner, grand ole parties at Grand Court, and Red Hot reunions with all those ladies who are just a little farther away!

Oh and we can't forget..... FAMILY TIMEEEEE.
At the GrisWaugh's: movie nights, Green Egg nights, watching football aka napping, and walks with sweet Lilly.
At the Wilder's: PJ's at 7pm, attempting to help Grandma cook, watching 'Christmas Vacation', stuffing my face full of mashed potatoes, bonding time with the cousins, and hilarious jokes.
At the Acreage: catching up with my awesome Nannie and her cool friends, delivering Christmas gifts, and soaking in her ever-present advice and wisdom.

Obviously a few things have not made this short list that I'm still looking forward to:
Blue Gatorade, a shower that isn't 2ft by 2ft, paying less than 15 British pounds (aka $25ish) for a yummy meal and less than $6 for a beer, and drumroll please....DRIVING.

All this being said, I know there will be a lot I will miss about London while I'm gone and I'm sure I'll be ready to come back to my second home come mid-January!
Two weeks. One paper. Two concerts. One birthday celebration. Two days of packing and cleaning. One eight hour flight.....Home.
So much to do, so little time! Cheers y'all, Lisa

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