Thursday, May 9, 2013

"Come On Chelsea"

Last night, a dream came true. I sat in Stamford Bridge and watched Chelsea play football. I had a pint, a pie and yelled my head off as we tried to defeat Tottenham. Chants of "We hate Tottenham" (simple, but effective) echoed through the stadium alongside a few other suggestive and inappropriate anthems that I'll omit.. you get the point. Ever since 2010 when I lived in London in the Kens and Chelsea borough, I've loved this team. Someone asked me why at the game last night and I am sure it was a just me jumping on the bandwagon at first but now, it has grown to be something more. The Lampard jersey I've had since EuroTour summer of 2010 worked well last night, it was like a perfect culmination of my London experience.
20 year old Lisa could never have dreamed that 23 year old Lisa would be studying, living and kickin' ass in London! When I first bought that jersey, it was such a unattainable dream to live in London.. such a far fetched idea that I knew I would not be able to achieve - let alone emotionally handle -  as I love Winston waayy too much. So while I'll stop using this Chelsea game as a metaphor for past and present (only I could make that absurd connection..), I'll leave you with a few pictures from one of the best nights ever at Stamford Bridge.

Cheers and Chelsea y'all, Lis

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