Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Less than 2 months until I return to London town. A dream I never thought I would see actually come to fruition… still not sure it’s really happening but 'til then I’m starting a list of things I cannot wait to do again..

1. Covent Garden
a) eat at Cafe Eterno alone.. my thinking spot (hummus with no olives, please!)
b) shop at Rokit for fab vintage clothes/bags/hats
c) go on Thursdays for the lunch time market, best gnocchi ever
d) Punch and Judy’s pie & pint, of course

2. Camden
a) market on a Saturday, nom on ridiculously awesome asian food out of a brown box
b) purchase a new cheap string bracelet to go with my previously purchased one, to commemorate london round two
c) nights at ProudCamden listening to absurd bands & meeting even more absurd people

3. Notting Hill
a) spend nights at the Arts Club, enjoy crazy music & drink red stripe tall boys
b) Saturdays at the market, great long walk up to the top
c) lunch at ‘The Portobello Kitchen’

More "Can't Waits" to come!
Cheers y'all, Lis

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  1. Now that you're a hummus-lover, you've GOT to eat some Hummus Bros for me. And take a few quality jogs around Hyde Park.