Friday, July 27, 2012

One Month

One month! One month! One month 'til my big move across the pond. I've spent the last couple months in desperation for the 'final countdown' and it has arrived! Now I can begin packing, now I can start planning, now I can actually be truly excited every single day because every day means one more day closer to my move... my London adventure is just around the corner.

A dear friend of mine forwarded me a hilarious website: "That Time I Studied in London" and while some of the GIFs are ridiculous, some of them really, really ring true with me. I loved looking through page after page and remembering (and looking forward to!) London and all its glory. I'm sure I'll refer to it and its hilarious-ness throughout my time in London. For example, this reminds me so much of Eliz and me when we talk on the phone/Skype!

Too much? I think not...
Back to packing, I know I'll be gone for a year (at least) this time around so I've got to have some serious forethought while packing and cramming my life into suitcase(s). I feel more prepared now than two years ago.. In a fit of anxiety and uncertainty, I remember asking Mom "Where do I buy shampoo?! How do I go to the grocery store? What if they don't have toothpaste that I like?!"... Not quite where my head's at nowadays in terms of worries! I know whatever I forget or cannot bring, I can buy in London.. great shopping is one of the city's many perks. So I'll try to cram and stuff and smush my whole wardrobe into a few suitcases, say a prayer for me and my patience. Luckily, Zara (this tunic is to die for!), H&M, and TopShop will all be at my disposal! Oh, speaking of.. I just bought this J. Crew 'Schoolboy' Blazer which I cannot wait to wear on a blustery day in South Ken...

So I hope everyone enjoys the Olympic Opening Ceremonies tonight, it is going to be awesome watching London show off to everyone in the world!

Cheers y'all, Lis

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  1. Look at your hair last time! If I think hard enough about envisioning you in London, I literally get goosebumps of excitement.