Monday, September 10, 2012


My life for the next year..
I spent this past Friday with one of my awesome professors walking around London's East End. We went to 6 or 7 galleries filled with modern art exhibits that really opened my eyes to the vast amount of art out there! Apparently it isn't all about Da Vinci, Hoblein, and Picasso..
Friday night was spent at Ping, a great bar with ping pong tables and foosball.. beer pong anyone??

I promise I'm going to museums y'all..
This afternoon was spent at the British Museum.. so many unbelievable statues, sculptures, and artifacts from  all over the world.
Street art is everywhere.. Banksy, where are you??  
This is a young Queen Elizabeth II, holding a spray paint can adorned with a peace symbol.. above her is spray painted: "Life is Beautiful". The foursome below hidden in bandannas is the Beatles.
Cheers to working hard and playing harder!
Tomorrow morning I'm heading with my class out to the National Archives to check out what they've got to offer and then taking a walk around Kew Gardens. Tomorrow night I'll return to the massive Wembley Stadium for the first home game for England! Cheering them on to beat Ukraine in a World Cup '14 Qualifying Match!

Cheers y'all, Lis

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  1. Your hair looks good! Glad you are having a great time and learning alot! Kudos on the A- for your first presentation! xoxo