Sunday, September 2, 2012

Welcome to South Kensington

It is the same dream I always and night, this image pervades my subconscious..
My front door!

I'm sitting in a flat in South Kensington, listening to an amazing throwback playlist (imagine S Club 7, Ja Rule,  Avirl Lavigne and Madonna), drinking a cup of strong black tea with the sounds of the busy city and the heat of a crisp sunshine are coming through an open window... pinch me.

But no, today for the first time in two years.. this dream is real! I'm not trying to be cliche with a "my dream has come true" blah-blah speech but I'm not sure how else to express it. So now, I guess I'll carry on with the good stuff...

My awesome flat is at the end of a hall on the second floor of a gorgeous white building in Courtfield Gardens. South Kensington is an amazing place full of everything and everyone from French ex-pats with kids to Dustin Hoffman, to some of London's most elite, to three universities full of British and American students and professors. So to say the least, it's a lively place. It is a perfect place to be young and a student because there are so many of us in this area. Notting Hill is just a short bus ride away, Hyde Park and Kensington Palace are just a mile north, and the pubs and restaurants just outside my door are to die for. I love walking everywhere and how accessible everything is. That being said, I'm remembering how pretty much everything just takes longer here. Whether its just a five stop Tube ride or a walk to the store, it will always take longer than you think! People in the way, traffic backed up, or just getting lost... the big city is fast moving but not me! 

Cheers y'all, Lis


*We have not had internet in our flat since Wednesday! I started this Wednesday morning and was unable to post it until now! More coming soon.....


  1. I was checking out of the grocery store a few days ago and asked the checkout guy how he was doing and he said, "just livin' the dream!" not a hundred percent sure, but I think I hinted a note of sarcasm in his voice...hehe! I won't tell him you really are living the dream!! Have fun and always remember, some dreams really do come true! xoxo

  2. Sounds incredible, love the room transformation! Skype soon? What's your number girllll? Love you miss you xxxooo Eliz